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Mindless behavior chat.

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In addition, ROs routinely archive completed requests. If you know a question is under discussion on Meta, that question is off-limits since Meta effect is in play and we are not above Meta. It is suggested that you space out your requests over time.

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The source for the image linked above which explains oneboxes is this SO Chat FAQbut you have to manually expand the "How do I format my messages? It is fine to continue a discussion topic introduced by a moderator, even if you beginning that discussion would otherwise not be permitted. If you feel the chatroom is getting crowded with handled requests, please ping an RO to request they archive completed requests.

How to handle repeated requests is at the discretion of the ROs.

What observable behavior actually constitutes user targeting is left up to the discretion of the ROs. To make sure people don't abuse the system, requests for actions which you can not perform should be kept to a minimum. Minrless of other people's requests are discouraged, but happen inadvertently from time to time.

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Some folks just don't live and learn Glad, because without him Roxane soon were in very poor condition. Delete Vote Requests chzt for when you find a post that needs to be absolutely removed from the site. If you are making a request about a post you encountered on the New Answers To Old questions NATO, in the 10k tools sor that is otherwise quite beuavior with a new answer, it is helpful to indicate that by including text similar to " NATO " in your request reason.

While the ROs reserve the right to object, it's unlikely that a moderator will make an inappropriate request. It's OK to update and replace an existing pinned item if the information is still relevant. We don't want to feed wrong information into Smokey or flag reported posts incorrectly. Pinging moderators for anything that could be handled with a flag is not acceptable, nor is changing the topic of conversation with a cha to be about a flaggable issue.

What is the so close vote reviewers chat room?

The exact limits are not specified. Limit the of requests you make, particularly cv-pls requests, to "reasonable" s and rates of posting. If a request is posted that the room has an issue with, it can be binned rolm an RO without the approval of the poster itself. Requests to flag an answer are allowed, but only if you've run out of flags.

Mindless behavior chat room

General: Don't do sneaky or manipulative actions to get around the rules. Do not request action on posts or edits where you are involved or where you have a conflict of interest.

Mindless behavior chat room

For answers, there are two exceptions to this rule: Requests to re-flag an answer are allowed, but miindless if your ly raised flag on the answer was invalidated invalidation is usually due to an edit to the answer. Basically, if you're moderating content and not users, this rule should not be an issue.

Mindless behavior chat room

As always, Behavio have the final say If you want your request removed or retracted from the transcript prior to it being finalized, ping a Room Owner with a link to your message and a short reason. The moderation efforts of the room has broadened, but we still aim to reduce the close vote queue length.

Mindless behavior mrs. right (feat. diggy simmons)

If a request was completed, but the state of the post was reversed e. The active room owners are:. We wish to keep the room civil and mostly on topic, but that does not mean you can't have a little tasteful fun too by linking to an image. The reality is that this specific reason got added during a period where mondless got a flood of very low-quality targeted posts.

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Room owners step in the moment we notice site users are targeted by any room member. To stop us from turning into a chaotic voting ring, we have set up rules and guidelines for members to follow. Multiple people raising these flags on a single post does not process the post faster, so requesting the room to add additional flags only creates noise. Don't post messages just to say a request is complete. The final verdict is up to the RO team. If you post a cv-pls request and later decide to answer the question, then, before you post your answer, you should ping at least one active RO requesting your cv-pls be removed.

If you see something that you think should be reopened, we're more than happy to look at it.

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What it means to have a question closed. Do not flag your message for moderator attention to have it removed. Deleting your answer, making a cv-pls request for the question, and then undeleting your answer after the question is closed. There are some very limited cases where more than one request about posts by brhavior same user in a short time are acceptable e.

Mindless behavior chat room

Keep in mind that we are concerned about both not actually targeting users, and not having the appearance of targeting users. Author of the cv-pls: Inform the user about the reasons why this happened. We are open for any critic, feedback, and guidance received from the community as we are a part of it. Including an actual close reason ificantly increases the likelihood that your request will be acted upon by other users.

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The fact that the Roomba won't delete a question is a contributing factor to needing delete-votes. As with most requests, these should be used sparingly, usually only when it looks like the outcome you believe correct is unlikely without additional attention and you can't make it happen yourself. Spam and Offensive flag requests are allowed; if enough behaivor these flags accumulate, the post will be automatically deleted. We don't need 4 members all leaving witty statements in the comments or in chat.

Possible user targeting is detected automatically some typesby the ROs going through requests, through reports by other users, etc. room

Mindless behavior chat room

Explanation of a cv-pls. Expect the following policy to be followed to avoid any unnecessary drama: Whoever first answers avoid crowding!