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The UK has also baulked at conducting air strikes in Syria. Being able to work through any hardships and succeed financially providing for the family reflected that a man was successful in the workforce as well, which made him respectable by his peers and other men in society.

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The pressure from the Victorian society influences the way Cecily and Gwendolyn view men. Since she has debt, according to Victorian conventions, Dorian will take care of her financially and provide for her once married. The portrait haunts Dorian throughout the novel, and in the end he wants peace within his soul because is tired of living a double life. She also reflects on the principle that women expect men to take financial responsibility for them.

British man american woman relationship

By creating fictional characters in the country or in town, Jack and Algernon are able to escape the ideal Victorian life and enjoy their time alone without the distractions from society. The women had to prepare themselves for what was to come of their lives and it determined their future. When Basil views the painting, he cannot believe it is his painting because the man he painted was young and beautiful; this man showed age and ugliness.

It produces absolutely no vibrations… I have know several Jacks, and they all, without exception, were plain. Americans and Britons continue to work together in the fight against militant groups in the Middle East.


Just as men had expectations for the ideal Victorian women, the women and the rest of society had expectations for the ideal Victorian man. Jack and Algernon knew Cecily and Gwendolyn would not marry them unless their names were Earnest; therefore, they had to pretend they were really called by this name and consequently put their relationships in danger because of dishonesty from the beginning of the relationship. But the book does more than collect together all the blog topics.

In effort to reveal his true self, Jack tries to hint that his name is not Earnest by asking her what she thinks of the name Jack, but Gwendolyn says, Jack?

Picture Location This a book stuffed with surprises, smiles and insights. Throughout the whole play, Gwendolyn and Cecily are completely oblivious that their men are living double lives to escape from their ideal.

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Men became victims of social pressures because their peers scrutinized their success. Women are a decorative sex.

British man american woman relationship

When men entered his house, they found hanging upon the wall a splendid portrait of their master as they had last seen him, in all wonder of his exquisite youth and beauty. And Iraq was in flames. Her prince, Prince Charming, was with her.

Victorian men also expected women to possess feminine qualities as well as innocence; otherwise, they would not be of marriage potential. Before marriage, they would learn housewife skills such as weaving, cooking, washing, and cleaning, relahionship they were of a wealthy family. Henceforth, in the play, the men fall under the pressure of women and Victorian ideals rather than staying true to their identity and personalities.

Victoria and albert museum

Wwoman Importance of Being Earnest. There is something in that name that inspires absolute confidence. If he refuses, society would dismiss him, and he would never be considered as a prospect for britisn or never viewed as a respectable man by his male peers because he would not be living by the Victorian expectations. Jackson, Russell. Dorian has not considered that one day his gift will no longer embody the Victorian ideal when he becomes old, but after Lord Henry tells him to embrace it, he realizes he will not stay young and beautiful forever: How sad it is!

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He is accepted because he is ever youthful, handsome, wealthy, and a respectable male by both men and women in the Victorian society. Jack and Algernon are too scared to confess their true identity fearing rejection from women and society. He is the very soul of truth and honor.

British man american woman relationship

Of course. For Cecily, the potential became a reality.

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It is the ideal she has grown up with, and she will firmly stay true to her expectations of her potential husband. The two women fight with each other about who is actually marrying Earnest, and Jack and Algernon enter the scene.

British man american woman relationship

His voice trailed amerivan. Gwendolyn does not even love Jack for who he is as a person; she loves him simply for his name.

British man american woman relationship

When the two men make their confessions, it proves that Jack and Algernon are not earnest because they have not been honest to anyone. This gives him an excuse to go to the country whenever he would like Importance Location The plain women are very useful.